RAPID OPTION: When you need to study FAST

Minimize your time to complete the course by skipping your strong topics and focusing on the weak ones.

If you need to study in as little time as possible, you can use the Rapid Option pre-tests to try each practice question on your own first.

I think it's better to watch every video all the way through because the videos contain extra advice beyond just the correct answers. But I know you may not have that kind of time. If you are in a hurry, follow these RAPID instructions.

For each Topic Section:

  1. Take the RAPID Pre-test.
  2. Review the results, and see which ones you missed.
  3. Click the video link above each incorrect question to jump to that video lecture.
    1. RAPID Caution: Each click will open a new tab/window in your browser, so close extra tabs as you go.
    2. RAPID Caution #2: Don't click this button
      until you have reviewed all the wrong answer videos. It will close your pre-test and you will lose your pretest results
  4. When you finish with all the questions in a topic, you can close that pre-test and go on to the next pre-test.

When finished with all the pre-tests:

  1. Keep re-taking the pretests until you can get through the Final 60-question Practice Exam with a perfect 100% score.
  2. Now you should have a very good shot at getting to a passing score on the real exam.
  3. If you have extra study time, review the Salesforce Trail Mix for the Platform App Builder certificationto learn a little more about other topics you don't know well or that I didn't cover.
  4. Go pass your exam!

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